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In December 2022, it happened: bits&birds successfully convinced investors and completed a long-planned funding round of 500,000 euros. The investors include Thorsten Dirks (former CEO of Eurowings and board member of Lufthansa), Jürgen Rösger (former board member at E-Plus), and an investor group led by Bremen entrepreneur Thomas Henning.

While other startups benefit from external funding before their establishment, the innovative recruiting service provider started without external financing. The reason for this was the overall uncertain outlook at the beginning of the pandemic, which led to the cancellation of a scheduled seed round in early summer 2020.

Although they have so far limited themselves to bootstrapping, the Hamburg-based recruiters, with almost 60 employees across three locations, are still in a significant phase of growth and expansion.

The fresh capital will now be used by the young company for personnel expansion, technical development, and the launch of a new product. ‘We are excited that we are now a significant step closer to our mission of modernizing and streamlining recruiting in times of increasing lack of qualified personnel. Thanks to the funding, this mission receives a considerable boost,’ says Can Ulusoy, Head of Growth.

The fact that the financing round was even oversubscribed is seen by bits&birds as a signal of recognition for its past development and thus a corresponding confidence in the future of the company.

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