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Quality and Efficiency through 360°-Assessment.

Our comprehensive 360-degree assessment, delving into hard skills, soft skills, and cultural fit, assures the delivery of top-tier candidate profiles. These profiles are thoughtfully presented in a clear, engaging, and easily comparable format.

Soft Skills

Whether it’s teamwork, self-reflection, or resilience, key qualifications are becoming increasingly important in our workplace. With the CAPTain© potential analysis, we examine 33 success-relevant behavioral aspects, offering valuable insights into strengths and areas for growth.

Cultural Fit

Our Company Culture Compass makes company culture measurable. To determine who fits well into your team, we assess the culture of your company or team. Then, we compare the results with the responses of the candidates. Efficient, tailored, and innovative – fostering diversity and motivation within the company.

Hard Skills

Candidates’ professional qualifications are analyzed through semi-structured interviews, ensuring comparability of relevant skill sets and delivering an outstanding candidate experience, crucial for their motivation to change their job.

Save 92% of your time in the recruiting process.

You have more important things to do than to read through irrelevant CVs or sit in meetings where you realize within the first minute that it’s not going to work out. We respect your time: Our assessments ensure that you only interview suitable candidates, allowing you to quickly reach the perfect match.

Attract qualified candidates

We exclusively introduce you to fitting candidates.

Before introducing any candidate to you, we analyze professional qualifications, potential, motivation, and cultural mindset through our three-stage assessment. It works so well that one in every four presented candidates receives a job offer.

Attract qualified candidates

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Only qualified candidates

Average of 4 suggestions until hire

92% time savings per mandate

Comprehensive 360°-Assessment

Top Candidate Experience

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