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Allow us to introduce: This is bits&birds.


We are shaping the future of digital recruiting by finding the perfect match between candidates and companies.


For the perfect fit between companies and talents, bits&birds offers high-quality and data-driven, AI-supported executive search..


We aim to bring happiness to both company and individuals through AI-powered recruiting, striving to become the coolest recruiting agency in Europe.






What we believe in

Plain and simple – digitalization is here to stay. It’s reshaping our world and causing seismic shifts. And this transformation is happening rapidly and fiercely. So swiftly that even the most innovative game changers and change champions are put to the test.

What do you need to stay ahead? You need a team. A team to tackle the challenges of our time. A team with the courage to forge ahead.

This team shapes the future of digital recruiting.

Portrait von Holger Hirsch

Holger Hirsch

Full steam ahead

In the engine room, Holger captains the operations with unwavering resolve. No matter how turbulent the waters, his steady hand guides the ship. As a father of three, he’s no stranger to navigating choppy seas. Steering him off course is a formidable task.

Portrait von Thomas Bockholdt
Founder & Managing Director

Thomas Bockholdt

Steadfast and inherently optimistic, Thomas possesses a keen appreciation for life’s beauty

With his reassuring demeanor, Thomas serves as a stabilizing force within our team. He oversees sales operations and the integration of various diagnostic tools essential to our processes. Additionally, he holds the role of Managing Partner at InterSearch Executive Consultants.

Portrait von Daniel Stojanovic
Founder & Managing Director

Daniel Stojanovic

Unconventional full-blooded entrepreneur & Tech autodidact

At bits&birds, Daniel takes on the classic responsibilities of a CEO and also drives the technical development of our software CyBird forward. bits&birds is his third venture: so, no one can match his expertise when it comes to startup founding.

Portrait von Vincent Friedrichs
Head of Finance

Vincent Friedrichs

Numbers-Savvy Gourmet

Vincent, in his role as Head of Finance, thrives in the realm of numbers. At bits&birds, he skillfully ensures smooth financial operations behind the scenes, combining a meticulous approach with a relaxed demeanor and always ready with a witty remark.

Portrait von Johannes Bendler
Chief Technology Officer

Johannes Bendler

Tech doctor and proud family man

As our CTO, Johannes spearheads the development and enhancement of our software Cybird©. With a doctoral degree in business informatics and a background as a startup co-founder, Johannes offers a unique fusion of computer science expertise and entrepreneurial acumen.

Portrait von Thies Hinderer
Division Head

Thies Hinderer

Charmer with a subtle sense of humor

Thies, a charismatic individual with a keen sense of humor, serves as a Division Head, contributing his expertise to sourcing and vetting top-tier candidates. Particularly adept in the digital realm, his relaxed demeanor adds significant value to the team as a whole.

bits&birds has been thriving in the digital ecosystem from day one. We understand the importance of having the right people by your side, working together towards a common goal.

Our mission is to connect you with the individuals you need most: the digital transformers and visionaries who can drive innovation and make a difference.

We’re your most reliable partner, committed to bringing together the perfect matches. We settle for nothing less.

Our core values

We’re trailblazers in digital recruitment, transforming a dated value chain and revolutionizing an antiquated industry. Our AI isn’t just support – it evolves alongside us, making finding the perfect match a reality. Let’s propel digitalization together, as a unified team.

Always a bird.