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The best of two worlds

Classic executive search represents quality, trust and long-term partnerships; start-ups are known for innovation, agility and speed. bits&birds combines the best of these two worlds and thus creates the "New Digital Executive Search". This means AI-based recruiting for digital and IT. Authentic, quality-oriented and fast.

Headhunting is dead
Long live New Digital Executive Search


Enable European companies to recruit digital professionals on their own.


High-quality executive search in the digital and IT sector by usage of our proprietary technology.


To develop the best AI-driven recruiting process

To create a value-adding knowledge base for businesses

To be Europe's coolest HR consultancy

Meet the Team

Thomas Bockholdt

Co-Founder & Managing Director

The "daddy" of the team has more experience in executive search under his (well-groomed) fingernails than the rest of us put together. His modest success rate: over 90%! (500 projects in over 20 years and he only ever had two guarantee cases - which he rarely speaks about :P) This certainly has something to do with his extremely trustworthy and calm manner; at the same time he lets his fine sense of humour shine through from time to time. One thing is certain: If Thomas gives his word, he keeps it!
Married for almost 30 years, father of three children and art collector (not a bad hobby either). Seems like it's working out quite nicely for him outside the office, too.

At bits&birds he is responsible for sales and the various aptitude-diagnostic tools which are firmly integrated into our process. "On the side" he also acts as Managing Partner at InterSearch Executive Consultants.

Thomas Bockholdt

Haven of peace & optimist to the core with an eye for the beautiful things in life

Daniel Stojanovic

Unconventional serial entrepreneur & tech autodidact

Daniel Stojanovic

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Daniel already founded his first company at the tender age of 19, some years later his second and with bits&birds now his third. So nobody can fool him so quickly when it comes to the start-up life. Besides impressive skills in project management and business strategy, he has also built up a considerable knowledge in the field of software development - autodidactically of course! When Daniel is not in the office - which happens very rarely - he can be found on a surfboard or in the boxing ring.

At bits&birds, Daniel takes over tasks of a managing director and drives the technical development of our product. Because that is not yet enough for him, he also teaches as a lecturer at the International School of Management on strategy and HR topics.

Lukas Messelhäuser

Head of Recruiting & Operations | Co-Founder

What Lukas' clients (and we too) love about him, apart from his level of professionalism, is his ability to listen extremely well and to like people. Candidates notice this just as much as his employees, who would "give their last shirt for him".

Flexigan, cyclist and flower shirt fan - these are only three things that necessarily belong to Lukas. Lukas studied business administration at universities in Germany and abroad and then started directly in digital and IT recruiting. So he is a "professional" and responsible for the Operations area at bits&birds.

Lukas Messelhäuser

Digital recruiter & "people catcher" with a sense for sustainability

Can Ulusoy

Business developer & aesthete with finesse

Can Ulusoy

Entrepreneur in Residence | Co-Founder

He wears Fenerbahce on his chest, carries the world in his heart and wears selected sneakers on his feet. Or trades them profitably around the globe. He drives every business forward, our Can. With good ideas and full of vigour. And when he takes a break, he challenges us with his fingers. On the Playstation. And wins again.

As Entrepreneur in Residence with focus on Business Development, Can works very closely with our MDs, owns most marketing and sales processes and provides conceptual support in the area of operations. He can do almost everything. And does it.

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