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Our Process: In six steps to the perfect match

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Kick-off: Defining the ideal profile together

Initiating our partnership with a collaborative meeting is essential for a seamless recruitment journey. This step allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization and the specific role to be filled.

Realistic Assessment of Hiring Success

Joint definition of the requirements profile

Survey of Hard and Soft Skills through methodical requirements analysis

Analysis of team or corporate culture using our Company Culture Compass©

Identification: Automated specification of the candidate pool

Our in-house recruiting tool, CyBird©, engages with candidates across all their active channels. It uncovers talents that often go unnoticed – faster than any human ever could.

Real-time multi-channel search with our software CyBird©

Expanded talent pool thanks to a large network and growing database

High pre-selection quality through our AI-powered matching tool

Verification of selected candidates through our skilled recruitment team

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Outreach: Tailored communication across various channels

Through individualized communication, our headhunters reach out to the right candidates in the right manner. We serve as your personal brand ambassador, authentically representing your employer brand in the market.

Development of personalized communication designs, including A/B test strategy implementation

Personalized communication with candidates across multiple channels

Authentic representation of your employer brand in the market

Informative state-of-the-art job postings

Assessments: 360°-Assessment including Cultural-Fit-Analyse

Throughout the 3-stage assessment process, our recruiters thoroughly analyze candidates’ professional qualifications, potential, motivation, and cultural mindset. Strict methodical and scientifically validated techniques ensuring high comparability.

Semi-structured candidate interviews for enhanced comparability of skill sets

CAPTain© aptitude diagnostics for potential analysis

Analysis of company and candidate cultural fit using the Company Culture Compass©

Analyzing all talent data and gathering references

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Presentation: Introducing only relevant candidate profiles

We present candidates to you honestly and transparently through our 360-degree candidate profiles. In addition to weekly reports, you can also track the search process in our client portal.

Standardized and detailed candidate reports ensuring high comparability

Extensive real-time insights into the process through access to the client portal

Regular Jour Fixe meetings with our recruiters and close support throughout the entire interview process

Quick interview processes & concise feedback loops on both client and candidate sides

Hiring: Ensuring sustainable placements

We believe in the success of long-term relationships, whether with employees or clients. As a result, we ensure the sustainability of placements with our guarantees beyond the hiring process.

Supporting candidates until their job entry

Regular assessment of client and candidate satisfaction

Free replacement within the first six months

Optional provision of onboarding support services

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