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What is IT recruiting?

IT recruiting is a strategic process that aims to identify, attract, and hire qualified professionals in the field of information technology. This involves considering both technical and soft skills to ensure that candidates are not only technically competent but also fit well within the team. The process includes creating compelling job postings, searching for suitable candidates on various platforms, screening applications, conducting interviews, and ultimately selecting and hiring the most suitable candidates. IT recruiting is particularly crucial in an industry that is constantly evolving and where the competition for skilled professionals is high. Effective IT recruiting can contribute to attracting the right talent to advance a company’s technological goals and projects.

Which positions does bits&birds fill?

bits&birds specializes in filling tech & digital positions at executive and professional level. This includes roles in areas such as sales, marketing, HR, management, finance, and IT.

For the placement of leadership and key positions with high requirements on both hard and soft skills, as well as small candidate pool sizes, we recommend our Executive Search service, ensuring precision through various assessments in the recruiting process.

At the professional level, we recommend our ‘Recruiting-as-a-Service’ product, an on-demand active sourcing support that funnels warm candidate leads into your applicant pipeline. For more information, send us a non-binding inquiry. We would be happy to advise you.

Which recruiting services does bits&birds offer as IT headhunters?

At bits&birds, we aim to provide your company with the best possible recruiting experience. That’s why we actively support you in IT headhunting:

  • Together with your company, we define the ideal candidate profile.
  • With our in-house recruiting software CyBird©, we find suitable professionals faster than a human could.
  • As your personal brand ambassador, we reach out to suitable candidates through various channels and convince them of your company.
  • Our IT recruiters take the time for a 360° assessment, including a cultural fit analysis.
  • In regular communication, we keep you informed about the recruiting progress and present you with suitable candidate profiles.
  • We support your candidates until job entry, and if the fit is not quite right, we provide a free replacement within the first 6 months.

Beyond that, we also offer additional services upon request, such as onboarding support, location analyses, compensation benchmark studies, or profile definition workshops.

Executive Search

How does the collaboration look like?

At bits&birds, we place particular emphasis on transparent and sustainable collaboration. We aim to guide you at every step of the process and won’t leave you in the dark.
How does this look in practice? Typically, we have bi-weekly Jour Fix meetings where we update you on the current status. Furthermore, you have the option to access real-time data on the current status of the search through our client portal. This ensures 100% transparency throughout the entire recruiting process.

How many candidate profiles are presented on average?

Our motto is: Quality over quantity. We only present you with candidate profiles that have a high level of compatibility. On average, you will be presented with 4-5 pre-qualified candidates. These candidates have already successfully completed our 360° assessment. Thus, we ensure that you only speak with candidates who truly match your requirements.

How fast can bits&birds fill my position?

In just about 17 days on average, we can deliver comprehensive candidate profiles tailor-made to fit your vacant position perfectly, thanks to thorough assessments.

Following our collaborative project kickoff, it typically takes around 86 days until the position is finalized (with the candidate signing the contract). We’ll provide you with a detailed assessment of your position’s requirements through a profile analysis.

Welche Assessments werden im Recruiting-Prozess eingesetzt?

Our goal is to deliver candidate profiles that closely align with the requirements, thereby conserving resources and ensuring sustainable placements for our clients.

To achieve this, we’ve integrated a three-stage assessment process into our recruitment strategy:

  • Examination of hard skills through personal interviews, case studies, and coding challenges
  • Evaluation of soft skills using diagnostic tests
  • Assessment of cultural fit utilizing our Company Culture Compass®

As our client, you’ll receive a comprehensive candidate report with detailed evaluations and assessments from our recruiters, promoting transparency and precision in matching.

Additionally, we provide candidates with access to their assessment results, empowering them with valuable insights for personal growth.

Was versteht bits&birds unter “Perfect Match” und "Cultural Fit"?

We unite the perfect pairings. Our mission is to match candidates and companies whose mindsets, values, and cultural alignment create the ideal fit – the Perfect Match, if you will. To foster enduring partnerships, we prioritize not only traditional hard and soft skills but also cultural compatibility on both fronts. This approach ensures sustainable relationships. With our Company Culture Compass, we guarantee that shared fundamental values bring together the most fitting matches.


How does the collaboration look like?

Unlocking skilled and dedicated talent on a large scale is our commitment with our Recruiting as a Service (RaaS) solution. If your resources for targeted active sourcing are limited and conventional job platforms aren’t yielding the right candidates, then RaaS is the perfect model to fill your recruitment pipeline with suitable applicants.

To kick off our partnership, we’ll collaborate on refining the desired profile in a briefing session, getting acquainted with your company and its employer brand. Once our recruiting experts have crafted the profile, our AI-powered system identifies the most suitable candidates in your desired region. We then conduct a semi-automated outreach across multiple channels, all within 24 hours of our initial briefing.

Once we’ve sparked interest in candidates for your open positions, we meticulously assess their profiles for hard skills, salary expectations, and any other pertinent criteria you specify. This ensures that you only receive applications from candidates who meet your requirements. We’ll present this information to you in a concise profile, allowing you to take the reins from there.

For more details, feel free to send us an inquiry. We’re here to offer guidance every step of the way!

How many candidates are presented on average?

Throughout the duration of a Recruiting as a Service lane tailored to a specific search profile, we typically introduce an average of five pre-screened candidate profiles to you each month. The quantity of candidates presented is significantly shaped by the size of the candidate pool and the specific parameters such as salary package and remote work arrangements. As part of a complimentary profile analysis, our team of recruiting experts will offer you a precise evaluation of the number of candidate profiles you can anticipate per month.