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our Core values

01 impact

02 ownership

03 drive

04 innovation

05 integrity

06 fun

07 sustainability

08 respect



The high quality of our work has a visible IMPACT on our client’s success.

#kaizen #purpose #focus



We take on absolute ownership for our actions and everything that happens around us.

#ego-free #beproactive #commitment



Our drive inspires colleagues to go above and beyond every day.

#highlymotivated #enthusiasm #persistence



We actively drive innovation forward by questioning the status quo with radical and crazy ideas – even when others say „It doesn’t work that way.“

#outsidethebox #curiousmind #bebrave



For us, INTEGRITY means to always act and communicate honestly and with good intentions.

#makemistakes #behonest #embracefeedback



We create a fun work environment with happiness-boosting traditions to uplift each other's spirit on a daily basis.

#positivevibes #lovewhatyoudo #teamspirit



We align our actions with the principles of economic, environmental and social sustainability..

#lesswaste #partnership #noplanetb



Wir respektieren alle Menschen, sowie deren Meinungen und Entscheidungen - auch falls wir diese nicht immer teilen.

#diversity #inclusion #mindfulness


Enable European companies to recruit digital professionals on their own.


High-quality executive search in the digital and IT sector by usage of our proprietary technology.


To develop the best AI-driven recruiting process

To create a value-adding knowledge base for businesses

To be Europe's coolest HR consultancy


Startup methodology

As a young startup, we know how important it is to focus on the essentials and eliminate wastefulness. Because: Resources are scarce - especially time and money. That's why we're striving to make our IT recruiting process fast, efficient and affordable for our customers, using lean startup methods.

Classic executive search

Speed without quality is like yin without yang! When it comes to identifying the perfect match for an open position, we look to the supreme discipline of recruiting services: the classic executive search. To that end, we only present candidates, that show all the signs of being a particularly good fit.

Meet the team

We are passionate digitalizers, hungry for success by nature, addicted to the idea of the "perfect match" and have a "high performer" attitude.
Our team spends every free minute working on the "Real Digital Executive Search" and supports our clients in every project, no matter how challenging!













































Haven of peace & optimist to the core with an eye for the beautiful things in life


Co-Founder & Managing Director

The "daddy" of the team has more experience in executive search under his (well-groomed) fingernails than the rest of us put together. His modest success rate: over 90%! (500 projects in over 20 years and he only ever had two guarantee cases - which he rarely speaks about :P) This certainly has something to do with his extremely trustworthy and calm manner; at the same time he lets his fine sense of humour shine through from time to time. One thing is certain: If Thomas gives his word, he keeps it! Married for almost 30 years, father of three children and art collector (not a bad hobby either). Seems like it's working out quite nicely for him outside the office, too. At bits&birds he is responsible for sales and the various aptitude-diagnostic tools which are firmly integrated into our process. "On the side" he also acts as Managing Partner at InterSearch Executive Consultants.


Data Maintenance


Unconventional serial entrepreneur & tech autodidact

Daniel Stojanovic

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Daniel already founded his first company at the tender age of 19, some years later his second and with bits&birds now his third. So nobody can fool him so quickly when it comes to the start-up life. Besides impressive skills in project management and business strategy, he has also built up a considerable knowledge in the field of software development - autodidactically of course! When Daniel is not in the office - which happens very rarely - he can be found on a surfboard or in the boxing ring. At bits&birds, Daniel takes over tasks of a managing director and drives the technical development of our product. Because that is not yet enough for him, he also teaches as a lecturer at the International School of Management on strategy and HR topics.

Genius & Insanity


Rolling "R"

Digital recruiter & "people catcher" with a sense for sustainability

Lukas Messelhäuser

Head of Recruiting & Operations | Co-Founder

Lukas Kunden (und wir auch) lieben an ihm neben seiner Professionalität die Eigenschaft, extrem gut zuhören zu können und Menschen zu mögen. Das merken Kandidaten ebenso wie seine Mitarbeiter, die für ihn „ihr letztes Hemd geben würden”.
Flexiganer, Fahrradfahrer und Blumenhemdenfan – das sind nur drei Dinge, die zwingend zu Lukas gehören. Lukas hat an Hochschulen im In- und Ausland Business Administration studiert und danach direkt im Digital und IT Recruiting begonnen. Er ist also „vom Fach” und verantwortet bei bits&birds das Operating.




Business developer & aesthete with finesse

Can Ulusoy

Entrepreneur in Residence | Co-Founder

He wears Fenerbahce on his chest, carries the world in his heart and wears selected sneakers on his feet. Or trades them profitably around the globe. He drives every business forward, our Can. With good ideas and full of vigour. And when he takes a break, he challenges us with his fingers. On the Playstation. And wins again. As Entrepreneur in Residence with focus on Business Development, Can works very closely with our MDs, owns most marketing and sales processes and provides conceptual support in the area of operations. He can do almost everything. And does it.




Outstanding networker & sports enthusiast

Andreas Oetker

Junior Partner

As a hobby ornithologist Andreas likes to be out in nature (aka. Golf Course) and is always looking for his next (first) albatross, eagles and Birdies. Born in Munich - how could it be otherwise - he is a big supporter of FC Bayern Munich and in our FIFA sessions he has a similar quota as Hansi Flick. As an expert for TV Shows and Movies across all genres, Andreas is the first internal contact point when once again the Netflix decision seems to be impossible to solve. At bits&birds, Andreas will not only bring his extraordinary personality to the table but also will use his extensive network and his previous experience at ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE (NuCom), Arvantis Group and CareerTeam Group to build up our Munich office step-by-step.

Dad Jokes


Movie/Series Junkie

Wise operation philosopher with Greek roots

Aristotelis Bassios

Junior Partner

As part of the management circle of bits&birds, Ari is co-responsible in particular for the areas of operations and sales.
In addition to these tasks, he will build up and expand our location in Frankfurt am Main step-by-step, which means that the bits&birds flag will also be held high in the heart of Germany.
With over 10 years of experience in the international executive search environment and his specialization in the finance and technology sector, the native Hessian with Greek roots is an absolute expert in his field.
Ari's big passion is basketball, as he has been eagerly following all NBA games of the New York Knicks and the Greek national team since his college days in the USA.




Passionate interior designer with Yogi mindset

Ilona Potaszkin

Digital Marketing Manager

Ilona is, both in private and professional life, the person to consult when the creative thoughts are just taking their time or the last detail seems to be missing. To ensure that Ilona never runs out of creativity, she seeks and finds her balance in yoga sessions and mindfulness exercises. Not a day goes by without her meditating cross-legged and finishing her exercises with a "Namaste" before she starts her day. At bits&birds, Ilona is responsible for all marketing activities from LinkedIn posts to the Google Ads campaigns, making our Social media channels burn. By the way, she also runs her own online store "ANÓLIA".



Chili Hater

Gentle persuader & lateral thinker

Dominik Held

Business Development Representative

As a fan of the 1. FC Nürnberg and left-hander, Dominik has not always had an easy life. Instead of surrendering unconditionally to these difficult circumstances, he quickly learned to use his extremely fast mind and cheeky humor. Dominik, the globetrotter, is also known for his many fascinating stories, and everyone listens to him with great curiosity about all the great things he has seen and experienced on his world tour. At bits&birds Dominik is part of the sales team. Here he is responsible for all outbound activities and makes sure that our pipeline is never empty. With his open and funny way he is a great addition to our sales department and expands our presence in Cologne with the "Rheinländern".




Lovable personality psychologist & judge of character

Sarah Mahling

Executive Recruiting Specialist

Sarah and coffee simply belong together, because nothing works without her first coffee in the morning. Nevertheless, she loves to get up early to enjoy the morning peace and quiet and be really productive. To balance work and leisure time, Sarah likes to go to the gym to really work out. Her multi-faceted personality is also reflected in her diverse musical taste: she likes to listen to classical pieces as well as hip hop music. At bits&birds, Sarah is able to apply her psychological skills as well as her IT understanding excellently and do what she really loves every day - the exchange and communication with people. With her warm and open manner she is a lovable and sympathetic conversational partner for everyone and the perfect addition to our recruiting team.

Early Bird

Coffee Lover

iOS Skills

Charmer with a great sense of humor

Thies Hinderer

Recruiting Expert

Thies embodies calmness and appears to never be stressed. Everyone values this superpower highly, because it is the perfect balance to the crazier birds in the team. In spite of his peaceful nature, Thies is very passionate about crimonology... As a consequence, he is always on track to find the perfect candidates without missing any details. Thies not only has a calm personality, but also likes to start the day slow and steady #latebird & enjoys watching netflix or challenging the team for an office FIFA match. As recruiting and soon-to-be business psychology expert, Thies brings essential knowledge & expertise to the bits&birds team. In combination with his personality that makes him a valuable part of the recruiting team.




Creative power woman with animal companion

Linh Truong

Junior Recruiterin

Linh enriches the Operations team not only with her cheerful and open nature, but also with her passion for HR topics around the Digital & IT area. Every day she pushes the whole team with her get things done mentality and builds personal relationships in candidate interviews.
In her free time, she is on the volleyball field. There, she is better known as "Schmetter-Linh." So you'd better watch out if there's a ball around.
She is a pure epicurean, because when she is not on the volleyball field, she is passionate about cooking. Vietnamese is her favorite. At bits&birds Linh not only brings in her excellent communication skills, but also makes sure that we have animal reinforcement in the office with Monty.

Dog Mum


Beer Pong

Gourmet with a knack for numbers

Vincent Friedrichs

Founders Associate Finance

Vincent, better known as Vinko, is an absolute gourmet and passionate hobby cook who has found his mentor in Frank Rosin. He likes to replace the good old sandwich at lunchtime with a spontaneous visit to a restaurant.
As CFO and chairman of the board of a stock exchange association, Vincent feels extremely comfortable in the realm of numbers, not only professionally but also in his free time. At bits&birds, Vincent ensures with his affectionate rigour that everything runs smoothly financially behind the scenes and always has a light-hearted quip on the side.
It's not only his gourmet existence that provides variety, but also his passion for playing basketball. As soon as the sun appears in the sky, Vincent can be found on the basketball court after work.




Globetrotter with a passion for baking

Johanna Liebhart

Junior Recruiter

Johanna is not only our junior recruiter, but also our exclusive professional baker! Almost every week she sweetens us not only with her cheerful personality, but also with home-baked delicacies. You could think we've been in a land of plenty since she arrived.
Johanna finds her balance to work not only in baking, but also in the gym and on trips. She is a true globetrotter who has already visited a total of 34 countries. Her wish is to have travelled the whole world at some point.
As a junior recruiter, Johanna brings not only her excellent communication skills, but also a lot of experience in the HR field. A perfect combination for the search and qualification of top candidates and a wonderful enrichment for our team.


Happy Bird


PPT Pro with a soft spot for facts & figures

Lennard Schneider

Founders Associate

Lennard is part of the Founders Associate team at bits&birds and is responsible for all strategic issues related to the development of the company. With his experience from consulting, Lennard is just the right person to introduce agile methods and OKRs, and to drive the venture building process. His strong analytical skills and conceptual approach leave no doubt that Lennard knows exactly what he is doing.
In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis and listening to at least one podcast every day. Therefore, he always has one or two interesting facts ready. When he's not playing sports, he moves from one city to the next. Currently, he works from Vienna and is diligently writing his master's thesis.

Podcast Junkie



Surfer Girl with Empathy Superpower

Louisa Wobig

Founders Associate Growth

Louisa is our absolute LeadGen Queen, who can also write excellent texts. With her determined, bright and cheerful manner, she enriches not only the Growth Team, but the entire company. Louisa is also a PowerPoint super talent. She manages to make every presentation unique.
Growing up in a large patchwork family, Louisa knows exactly how to keep calm in stressful and turbulent situations. She finds her balance to the exciting start-up life on the tennis court and by the sea surfing.
Louisa quickly recognises where things are burning and is always immediately on hand to offer advice and support. Her superpower is definitely her empathy and sensitivity. She always has an open ear and you can rely on her 100% at all times.




Creative whirlwind with a heart of gold

Katrin Frotscher

Founders Associate Growth

As an all-round talent, our bundle of energy, Katrin supports both the Founder's Associate and the Growth Team. With her communicative and creative nature, she is just the right person to drive forward fundamental topics such as company values, feedback culture or all marketing activities. She also always has an open ear and cares lovingly for all her team colleagues. With a wide range of interests, she dedicated herself to her great passion, the start-up scene, right after her law degree. With her social start-up Afyamoto, she wants to promote sustainable development in Tanzania. For an optimal work-life balance, she works out by jogging and strengthens her mindfulness through yoga and meditation. On her bucket list: Travel the world and get her pilot's licence.

Sharp S



Tech-Allround Talent & Motivational Coach

Leon Meier

Founders Associate Web Development

Leon is our "go-to person" when it comes to all web development activities at bits&birds. He wears the hat and is the interface between the development and content teams. With his open and solution-oriented manner, he always finds creative approaches to advance our marketing processes and product development.
Based on his previous stations, you could almost call him "Mr. Startup". His experience ranges from digital transformation projects to product development. In his spare time, Leon is also involved in startup stuff and works on his project Afyamoto, a sustainable fair trade label.
Through his social engagement and involvement in sustainable projects in Tanzania, he has easily learned the local language Swahili.


Hair gel level


Sporting ace with a penchant for perfectionism

Fenja Hanno

Founders Associate Ops

Fenja is part of the operations team at bits&birds and takes care of both our external and internal positions. When support is needed in the operations team, Fenja is our first point of contact and absolute secret weapon. With her communicative nature, her drive and her empathy, she is perfectly equipped for the job.
And her quote "I simply didn't have time for flops" already has legendary status with us.
Fenja finds a balance to the turbulent start-up life at home in the quiet countryside of Dithmarschen. She is an absolute sports fan, but when it comes to table tennis, her talent is still a little hidden. But what is not, can still become...

Support Center

Table Tennis


Horse girl with an eye for detail

Aileen Rieck

Junior Recruiterin

Our Junior Recruiter Aileen is our Internal Hiring Queen and Onboarding Fairy. With her friendly and positive manner, Aileen finds top candidates not only for us, but also for our clients. At the same time, she knows how to create a feel-good atmosphere at all times, both internally and externally.
Her great passion is horse riding and she is also an absolute fan of exit games. Here she can demonstrate her logical thinking skills, her stamina and her eye for detail.
It is precisely these and many other skills that she demonstrates every day at bits&birds and finds the best candidates for us, no matter how well they may have hidden themselves.

Horse Girl

Sourcing Machine


Perfectionist with the mission to save the world

Konstantin Lauinger

Founders Associate Strategic Development

Konsti has been an integral part of the bits&birds family since the Munich office opening and enriches our team with his down-to-earth and solution-oriented manner.
At bits&birds he always has a complete overview and approaches every project with the highest precision.
With his economics background and technical TUM understanding, he is the perfect addition to our strategic development team.
With Konsti we have gained a real all-rounder, because there's no such thing as can't in Konsti's world.
If there's one thing Konsti is, it's versatile and creative. From dancing his name to his rhythmic golf swing to musical improvisation on the piano - he proves his creative streak every day.
Fun Fact: Our night owl only really gets up to operating temperature in the late hours of the day.


Early Bird


Wordplay acrobat with a heart for dogs

Marie-Sophie Kuhlmann

Founders Associate Growth

Marie is a true bits&birds old hand, having been with the company since day one and always pushing bits&birds forward with her keen sense of detail and creative ideas.
When Marie needs a little time out and is in Hamburg, she can be found on the tennis court and afterwards with her dog Blue. Marie is actually studying in the Netherlands, where she is also diligently learning Dutch alongside her Master's degree.
When organisational talent is needed, Marie is our first port of call. She always keeps an overview, even when things are chaotic. With her quick perception, creative mind and expertise in communication, Marie is a great asset to the entire team.

Creative Mind

Search Yoda

Project Mgmt.

Series junkie & animal lover with expert knowledge

Christiane Lechler

Recruiting Expert

Coming from the deepest part of Bavaria, Christiane grew up in the dreamlike scenery of picturesque mountains and lakes. With so much nature, it is not surprising that she has become a real animal lover.
So when Christiane isn't committing herself to bits&birds, she teaches her cat Lilly little tricks and is the biggest penguin fan we know. From socks to paper clips, she owns everything in penguin design.
With a wide range of professional experience in HR, Christiane brings a lot of drive to our operations team and ensures that both clients and candidates have a great customer journey throughout the process.
With her expertise, she finds qualified candidates for even the most specialised and challenging positions.




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